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Sep 13, 2013|

A discussion with Peter Spendelow, from Northwest VEG, and Brenda Davis, a registered dietician and nutritionist, about the benefits of, and the process of transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle, as well as the upcoming Vegan/Vegetarian Convention, “Portland VegFest”, happening at the Oregon Convention Center of September 11th & 12th. www.nwveg.org/vegfest

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're listening to mattress go through a series of interviews with people of interest in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington I'm your host had Douglass my guests today are a little bit unusual for me because I made him well. -- a dirty dirty mediator. My guess is they certainly are not perfect they really like promote a lifestyle of not eating meat -- lifestyle it seems absolutely perfect for the Portland area -- -- -- is becoming more and more and more popular so please welcome to the show Peter spend a low he's the board president of northwest revenge. And Brenda Davis say registered dietitian nutritionist and nutritionist and resilient hey thank you both for joining me today -- of. I'm pretty content that. Fantastic I wanna give our listeners a little bit aback and on yourselves and how you came to be with the organization point portal inventions adventure VG. Aren't a veteran I am not president excuse me says that -- the Portland bench fast northwest that got it. I'm -- gonna talk about the you'd northward and Portland bitch -- as well commit appear in the show it to exciting event coming up on September 21 to 22 at the organ convention center so we'll start with you how did you come to be with northwest edge. Well you know I've been interested in animals for a long time I think -- my degree actually -- -- a degree in biology from -- and then Ph.D. in geology from university Washington put out -- it became a vegetarian way back in high school of those 1969. And back then we just kept I didn't know any other vegetarian didn't know anyone we moved out here two. Might look at Seattle when moved to Portland field. Through the Internet and so on we've. Managed to connect up with people and so back in 2002 or stuff. We hooked up with a group there was interest didn't impact they've got to look at their pop. And that's essentially how I got going here and I've learned a whole lot and spent -- night just continued on and I've been president of the organization since 2006. Very cool and then Brenda. Well I -- I'm actually living in -- a British Columbia and that the speaker at of that success does not. As actively involved in in the group but say I do support them however I can -- The defense it you know it's so interesting when when Peter told his old story I. Those similar journey back in 1989. When my husband and I became vegetarian leaking from selling any other such carry Internet. And and I didn't you know all -- things I would peak community nutritionists for. Our town and then of course dietitian to -- this stage especially. It was the four food groups and so. I'm in Canada we had. -- -- -- And so I would automatically eliminating two of them could -- Sure I mean I really wondered if I kidded you that continue actually being a registered a kitchen having this this guy your -- even more plant based diet and just decided that I -- I just had to do it and I had to become a leader in my profession in this. In the in this realm men and so that. You know that kind of what they've done then I get bitter creatures can make. Break but then get consulting and all of those things can I have got a couple of grown children and yet it's been quite journey because it's amazing when you think back thirty years ago -- 35 years ago yeah I learned one thing about. Vegetarian -- vegan diet can university and that is -- risky. That that boy we've come a long way this. Well certainly in this is becomes such popular lifestyle especially here in the northwest. I -- I remember that time as well I grew up an eighty's and and -- all you run into a vegetarian but there was kind of this with the remote for. There are people gonna judge them it was kind of like -- you dirty hippie you know that sort of thing and now it's it's much more is much more commonplace. I think that that's Fisher. I remember the first time we were in Vancouver who went into the very first vegetarian publicly just moved to think -- from northern Ontario. And I expected to see a 150 hippie kids. -- Doing it marked the early normal marking the first step thanks. You're Harris arch insurance business it is oh. It's funny story to lift clean up Butler you know the our columnist for the yeah it's like -- yeah he asked. He had the same experience some friend Adam Kennedy should go to work that's actually what there. And said he walked and it just absolutely amazed concede to it expecting you know this this sort of fringe group. The happiest girl I just like me and yeah that and that's cut led him to it actually do his project where he went for a month says could begin. It and blocked about it yeah absolutely not yet he did so well on that he just kept up with it and he's he continues to write -- peace can -- a really good speaker -- -- Well yeah that's the best dad -- -- good guy and a head and a good guy and though local media have on your team because he gets behind the cause and really fight for. The good guy. So let's talk about this the Portland bench -- you guys have coming up period September 21 and 22 at the organ convention center. You can find out all about it get into W -- dot org slash -- fast or just go to. Into the event shot organ read about this organizational in general so told tell us what is this convention what is this it's going on the that you need the organ conventions that are -- -- suddenly you come along way since these little backroom meetings. He has certainly have ruled that we're gonna have over a hundred vendors there they're going to be a lot of different food vendor is restaurants and other types of except that there's lots of good to have free samples were not a lot of great speakers such as Brenda ask John McDougall who's a well known doctor -- -- couple -- -- dietitians will have a lot of cooking demonstrations will have -- -- shiner who doesn't. Deacon artisan -- this we have some fitness experts we have some people talking about. More in the environmental aspects of this as just a whole lot going on while the kitchen area we'll have a pink area and this just be a lot of free food all over the place from a lot of fun. I mentioned at the top of the show I have a meteor right or concede a little bit everything but for me visiting go on the vegetarian -- has always been about taste and you know I understand back in the day. That might have been a concern but it seems like it's not really the case anymore. In a lot of people preference. And they really come up on -- they really like cheese yeah. And I honestly you know go back a couple of decades the edit she's apparently they're out there -- -- -- -- gets -- but now we have. Companies like you know diet she's out there which is really a fantastic out product. And the other thing was we had some real interest from some some big people on this it's like the bill gates foundation is out there. Putting a lot of money into developing plant based alternatives to a lot of these foods because they've looked at spinach and then sustainability of the world. And realize that -- are growing population we just can't continue as much -- as we do we've we've got to find something that's. Far more efficient way of providing the world with good healthy foods so they're out they're promoting a lot of plant alternatives to this sort of -- that you probably used to. Writer is wondering when you know you when I'm hundred your food but now that Steve meat has been grown in masks we've got the methane problem success track. Animal agriculture is really out of a major it impact with the environment in terms of the Atlantic greenhouse gas they produce to land they used the water they use what happens with the fertilizers to -- into the rivers washed down. It is a big get blown off the coast of Louisiana every year. And it's caused by all the agriculture and most agriculture is growing food for cattle it's not going to -- humans you know it's it's producing cattle feed. So it within an event like this like the Portland bench fasting in September 21 and 22 at the organ convention senator. You're gonna have all these -- was certainly different samplings of food and and cooking demonstrations that sort of thing we also have speakers like Brenda. And a -- a year I registered dietitian nutritionist so I imagine that would be kind of where you're going to your conversation. Right today I actually have three lecture and throw them giving -- that Chad had been the first one will be talking about oh you know what you need to know -- do you that you kind of just twitch. To a plant based dieting old friend. It certainly we know their lack of health advantages to be coming begin but. You know the diet tech foolproof so sure -- -- people get concerned about protein and I -- tell -- they think if they. Don't meet me they can't get enough protein if they don't drink milk they can't get enough calcium that they don't eat fish tank and that the center of study at this that. So we're going to be just really examining all of those things can actually did finish releasing our check -- latest book content on that subject and -- -- and and quite a puddle of the most currently picture and because the second half biggest plant based diet can prevention and treatment of chronic disease can write you know don't really looking at what do we know what do deleted scientific findings suggest and and looking that can (%expletive) take over weight heart disease diabetes and -- there and and get deleted the evidence for a plant based diet and looking at how people can really maximize the protective capacity of these kind of got it -- Well certainly and I you know I speak and in no way any kind of expert but. I've spoken so many organizations on this program about so many various diseases certainly cancer and diabetes being the only ones and then obesity as well and it all seems to come down to diet. Will be essentially feed her lifestyle diseases and feeling that 70% of the population dying diet like telling these diseases. It's just contain -- could be -- we need to do something in and you know I think they're essentially. Did either of -- -- has its third defeat is that. That we create by the way that we live event and we can change and and in fact it's just unbelievable what can happen when you meet these changes -- how are these types of diseases that. Your body want to helix. Yeah and -- It's really quite amazing. And then that -- they're talking and -- -- actually on the Palin your diet could expose them paley the guy pacing track then and to what it you know I. I was getting a little bit concerned about the -- -- and the interest and and Helio diet simply because. Palin diet can still need ten -- thinking boy that that term -- a huge increase in animal agriculture. And he. I'm named Brenda and my ignorance but I've never heard that term Hayley -- -- what does that mean all. Really came up real diets are kind of the currently -- in diet especially at GM -- -- What Helio diet is is that it's. People who are trying to eat don't believe that human aid and create agricultural piecemeal it says. And those dirt there beat quickly trying to copy that I had to -- and -- then and what they do they eat meat poultry fish. Kelly vegetables and fruits that compete but they don't -- -- -- they donate greens they don't need to late -- Dick -- dairy products. You know some of this sound I'm not too bad they -- processed food to accept. Great that people who are reading -- all imagine that they're really mimicking the old Helio diet and -- -- you know I started looking at some of their nutritional anthropology looking at what people get imperialistic country actually -- and then I I can look at. She fears that the were recorded in terms of nutritional contents of the of the diet and exam imminent cut. These numbers are unbelievable. These people -- imperialistic country reading. Over a hundred grams of -- -- -- I only come from planet from. Average about fifty grab it stick so that's a whole lot of punch that these people we're eating. And and do what ended up getting -- a true you know treating -- recommended Helio menus and three days' worth of recommended begin menu is. And compare them to the analysis send an act and that could -- really think diet can. What ended up finding it became -- complete cosic paley a diets than need new Palin Erica it. -- -- -- -- the -- Wilshire they probably a lot of meat but right now we're talking about you these giant farms with a few Brazilians and millions of of cows and chickens and -- whatever else we have that are there's been you know pumped out like a factory to elect then you had to -- where you wonder and so yes they might happen to -- right here and the other the other fatal flaw of eating like the people. Particularly -- -- is -- those people die a lot earlier. Access. Thistle also played out. I mean we can't you know obviously can't assume that it diet that supported -- -- thirty -- like ten minutes. Egypt is good at supporting nadir hundred -- like that. So what are some of the other topics Peter that are going to be talked about that the Portland bench fast. -- -- we're gonna have a lot of cooking demonstrations so we have yet to -- doing artist and deacon cheeses and we have. Can calabrese to do with the raw food expert going to be talking about how -- -- not and so on and there. Well of fitness expert planning little right there crush FHA will be there will have will huddle who wrote the world peace diet either of either real inspirational speaker so that that's a great want to. To listen to still wouldn't have a lot of different stuff speaker's slot three tracks going at the same time -- when it actually people who come to that's that's often have a problem -- we wanted to want you to retrieve it and I think people at the same time they got accused. Luckily we have made this because you're speaking where the launch. Yeah they're they're often speaking on different subject that you heard Brandon has three separate subject lines so somebody can go on here currently here heard a target -- the cabinet. A couple of the other -- it is so it's kind of a nice problem to have that Q which gone on out there but that's that's what we're trying to -- we're trying to get people as much information as we can get. If you're just joining us you're listening to masters cup series of interviews with people of interest in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington my guest today is serious Peter spend below is the board president of the northwest. Edge. And I'm Brenda Davis who is a registered dietitian nutritionist who will be speaking at the Portland venture fest which is vegetarian convention and gave an answer -- 121. And 22 at the -- convention center you'll find out all about it at NW vantage dot ORG. Slash venture fast and there's going to be many speakers as Peter just saying they're going to be many are cooking demonstrations lots of food to be sampled. If you are on the fence about becoming a vegetarian this would probably be the event that won't. Knock you over the -- inside I would imagine so we're talking about you know the kind of the evolution of the of the vegetarian community that in the years and years ago is very difficult to find somebody else who is living that lifestyle and now of course. Here in the northwest especially -- in Iraq and hit anyone and they will protect that rocket throwback faster as a starter in their better. -- so -- why do you think it is important that we help people move kind of away from the more traditional client to this plant based diet -- when he -- that. Well I I speak to that that -- I mean obviously there's you know how many college in ethics and all of those things -- I'll let Peter stick together I think cannot just talk a little bit about health and what what what we know it. As and it and mentioned a couple of minutes ago 70% of our population -- -- Diseases that are life does diet and lifestyle -- -- -- and you know if you look at the numbers that it's really quite alarming -- what we know all it is that western style diet therapy you know basically processed -- and Chad DN democratic his game do these kind of chronic diseases like heart disease type two diabetes particularly even. -- types of cancer is well and of course obesity which is huge huge issue we have some really big studies we have a couple of one now -- 96000. Participants another with you know what about sixty EF 5000 participants and we're actually comparing. People who are begin with people who are lack -- -- vegetarian. With people who are after the fish vegetarian -- is with people who are on the -- I'm looking at the rate could get even interesting thing about these two studies is that we're comparing beat him to with a very health conscious mediators. Not just the general population but very health conscious mediators and we're controlling for everything body -- exercise smoking all of those things. And what we found so far is that people who eat a 100% plant based begin diet and there's 63% less likely to get hypertension 62% less likely to get diabetes 16%. Less likely to did develop cancer about a third less likely to develop heart disease and we both of the shelling them significantly increased our longevity for the -- changer for the begins and you know six to ten years. Extra. Good healthy life. And it's interesting if you look around the world and you look at the very healthier populations. So we're looking at people in what -- called the blues John Kerry is a world where. People live well into their nineties and beyond but they're in excellent health at that stage of life is. What what we population there's this certain common thread we can weave through all of them they beat people are socially engaged they've got strong family ties the physically active they don't smoke but the other thing is that they all consumed diets that are very plant centered. And which means that you know now summer he can -- -- all consuming mainly plant every single one of them good it's we know that. That if you -- -- canyon look at -- component and the guys that are most protective. They're concentrated in -- -- Qaeda chemical antioxidants. Because until Freddie had to stay concentrated. Implanted. And the things that tend to be harmful could transcend the adjutant saturated fat request talent all of these you know chemical compound that can move up the food -- They're more concentrated and processed food and animal protection so it really it's not rocket science to be honest. Bright well I think part of the problem is we've all been. Trained to eat a certain way. I mean I know that's my biggest problem is that the way that I am I'm very traditional you know American meat and potatoes type of diet growing up and and it's real hard to kick casino vintage you'll take the cheeseburger for my cold dead hand literally you know hits it hits. I isn't very difficult thing for me to kick in and in fruits and veggies are certainly love my fruits -- that you are little more difficult for me -- I like about. Half the veggies I've tried and some of them just the don't mix -- so it's real hard from you imagine going to do just that but you know I think it presentation like you're really keep all the presentations and will be going on -- the Portland bench -- again September 21 and 22 at the organ conventions that are I think -- -- is so educational. And opening someone like me opening my eyes to this lifestyle change. I have to tell you -- you can -- if you have enough wonderful food you don't need anything. And I I'll never forget I have to tell you this little guitar in my hand the phone to me went -- that can name but there's some can guys can I invite them forget there. And so I said you know shirt and the next day when they came over and we had a nice dinner and the next day they went into working everybody which of them saying look at -- vegetarian meal lesson today. And they all act in unison that. Not and then. Started. To -- a liberal. Let me make all thing is that they had great food and I think that's the thing and I know I totally get what you're saying good. I grew up on the computer too and so it really is -- pet it's like half of immersing yourself in a whole new world and it's. It's not that easy for people that are very shrewd focused people like -- about that and so if you are one step at a time and it. Finding and needing replacement and learning to me your traditional. Favorite dishes in a way that doesn't include need an even. You like gambling can go to meals -- demo he will not believe the -- -- -- or not she'd just to keep you keep. Tell the difference between -- she can go and and Gary -- I am not kidding me up. They are absolutely amazing 'cause it's just a matter of learning how to get those kind of things than -- came healthy eating a real priority in his life. Yeah it is a tough one dollar hurdle in the middle trying to. You know I make ends meet in this rough economy and trying to keep -- common end. And taking care of the kids in the school and all that stuff to them might put all their energy into. I'm now going to completely change the way I eat it's it's difficult but it it seems like you could probably do it little by little making little changed. -- baby step at that time is good enough. So Peter I'm the -- certainly the -- movement has become a much much larger in Portland why do you think that has happened why have we gone from the backroom meetings to having your interventions -- -- Well it's certainly been a growing movement just give you some examples you know when I first moved here to Portland you know look a couple little that trendy restaurant but certainly no vegetarian restaurants and -- certainly nobody can restaurants and now you know it's really change we now have literally -- we have thirteen begin. Fifty and sixteen vegetarian restaurants in our dining guide and that tried counting all of the food -- he would lead to begin to -- vegetarian food -- that they're past the three deacons -- here. In the Portland area so people have realized they've heard about the issues they've heard about the you know the impact -- violent they've heard about factory bombs they've heard about. The health issues and that's really turn things around I think so we hope we have people of the match before they cramp up -- writing about these things from the local paper we have these. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres out there you know people really respect guarantees that they -- juvenile -- long -- begins. -- -- -- Do we these national trends I think it's it's really helped and -- -- such -- -- friendly community here we ought to have people moving in from out of the area because they've you know they know they can find the truth here all over the place and really nice community. And that's really what our organization has been trying to do it's been trying to build community trying to make it so. Because it is hard when you're the only person and you -- your friends wanted to let go to a restaurant and you know what how do you deal with that well you know we can talk to people vote. How you can deal with and how you can make sure that you get a -- -- on the matter where you go. Right yeah I -- certainly that you know when you go -- someone else's house for dinner you expect him to make you vegetarian meal how you handle that there's -- there's a lot of those lifestyle changes that should do need to be addressed if your gonna make make the switch but that's exactly why you have something like the Portland bench fast. Again happening September 21 and 22 at the organ conventions and you can find out all about it at NW -- dot org and -- also find out about northwestern -- in general. I'm we're coming appear on the end of our time I wanted to ask you both briefly and where do you see things go from here what's the future -- -- the begin movement. Well I'm really hoping that it will continue. Growing as we get more and more information as the information that -- was talking about before from health. Get out there more calm you know. Even you you'd start out with a small group and and it grows from. From there it's really something that everybody should be making that choice I want to give a little point about why I've been so which is still a working on this could you know we want to compete with that left a lot of these different to be positive. Would editor he. Issues can you work hard when you can have such an impact on helping putting the health of our children and then the environment you know there are a lot of people are strict environmental groups out there well that's -- -- Really great side benefit from this could just -- how much more efficient. Food from plant food from animals and -- animal agriculture is just a huge impact on the apartment and then of course that the animals themselves there's kind of hit no radio do you have these huge farms would take -- -- and -- that we don't know about the -- -- coming -- but can't -- on those -- they don't have. The space left in fact sheet of paper to live out their whole lives and it is just a really horrible existence for them. And so anything you can get to reduce that sort of sufferings are moving away from X and then eating good foods you could have been -- competitive. It's just a little positive thing from virtually every standpoint as long as you know you're doing this long to get a good diet information that people like under providing you know it's it's just a really positive -- -- Raw gas that's it -- have you back for a whole another topic on -- -- in the animal cruelty involved with the creation of our food that's a sobering topic anybody who's watched like food incur worth blight. Can get a pretty good idea what that is global left have you back to talk a bit about titled a more. Who Brenda have you already see things toward the future and even working there on -- diabetes in the Marshall Islands. So certainly got to be -- all kinds stuff. Yeah that whole other story too but I I I can't we will reach a point and they're not too distant future where. Eating -- more plant based diet will be pretty much. And ecological and an ethical imperative -- -- you know people right now are starting to get it they get starting to understand that there could trade could have consequences. Not just for their own health but beyond their own health -- beginning to understand that we are going to extend to get resources. Of this planet to efficiently defeat the whole world. We have got to eat lower on the food chain and I mean ninety came because of the animal issues that for me that is. The number one recent -- -- and we cannot as a human being justify. The kind of cruelty that goes on win. With factory farming it's just. Can there's nothing that can justify that kind of treatment that sinking feeling animal and and that theme that I think it's really exciting into it got these defense like that confessed that can help people to -- Take the first steps. To ease the transition and in the ways that really fun and exciting and it it isn't because I mean he -- becoming vegetarian doesn't have to be. You know sacrifice Jack thank you can actually be out. Sort of opening the door to a world that it should. Really a lot of fun and it takes caving in you feel good about what you -- thing in the world yeah I hope everybody will go to kimono and kids. He wouldn't tell about. Yeah we can we got -- dove down into the animal cruelty thing here at the end that they can be a little course depressing that this is a fun event this is big positive proactive event in getting people to just. Make that lodged on the road to get into healthier lifestyle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wonder if maybe it's not that difficult for your candidate the secret is it's -- Difficult so get over their check out what would these good folks have to offer. I think you both are being militia connect. I'm thinking of how much did you. Absolutely all right that'll do it for this edition of -- scope in Entercom communications public affairs program -- -- your host -- Douglas can get a nonprofit or public affairs organization they would like to let others know about please email me at -- scope -- -- -- common intercom starts with a -- and please -- -- just up in the subject line so doesn't get snagged by my spam filter reporting directly to the station's website click on the community link and submit your information there. Also you'd like to hear the Fermi and you can visit our podcast page of matches go PX dot com where you'll find this in the last couple months for the episodes. And please feel free -- your FaceBook you MySpace your blog Twitter your Google+ whatever you got. The strength of this information out to as many people as possible. Well thank you again Peter thank you Brenda thank you all so much for listening to this has been met your scope.

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