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Pet Walk For Parkinson’s Disease

Jul 3, 2013|

A discussion with Dr. John Nutt, a Parkinson’s Disease Specialist from the Parkinson Center of Oregon at OHSU, and Dan Baker, a patient and event chair, about the many symptoms of Parkinson’s, the progress being made toward a cure, as well as an upcoming fundraiser benefitting the center called “Paws For A Cause”, coming up July 13th. http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/centers-institutes/neurology/parkinson-center/paws-for-parkinsons.cfm

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're listening to mr. -- a series of interviews -- people of interest in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. I'm your host Ted Douglas and we're very very very lucky in this area in the parliament Troy area to have -- chance you. At the heart of the city these so much good work and he's so much research on so many different diseases is a little bit dizzying I've had people on. From many departments around the hospital and it's always testing today I have with me to people to talk about Parkinson's disease and the waitress you -- -- -- organ which is. One of the nation's premier centers for clinical care and research dedicated solely to Parkinson's disease. Please welcome to the show what doctor John not are you John. When I'm flying in very pleased to be on her show. Absolutely and I also have a Dan baker who himself is a suffering from parkinson's -- damn. -- am doing well I appreciate the opportunity to get a message out to the public. Absolutely this is something that has become quite prescient to mean I want my very best friends in the world his mother has recently diagnosed with parkinson's so I'm. Played interest to find out everything I can about the disease and in about the drug treatments that are out their score so thank you so much for the first sharing that info with us here today. So let's get started by giving her listeners little bit of background on yourselves and doctor not how did you come to be whisked -- -- of. Well and Haim a neurologist and was trained in neurology and -- -- After that did a fellowship and you know what is called movement disorders in the main disorder and that. Group of diseases is -- consistency so I've been working with Parkinson's disease since. 1976. Oh my goodness that is a long time to be dealing with one particular. Issue I imagine the developments happen in the time you've been working with parkinson's is gonna -- It is truly astounded yes. To have the knowledge about this thesis has really grown. We're still cannot cure this disease and so we can even -- its progression that at this point in time. DL and I will what do you do -- your life. Well in my life I just in my life right now I asked how many husband and father and -- and then. Some live in my life in that regard and -- Also I have had the opportunity to. Connect with the Parkinson center of organized diagnosed with PD in 2000. And two and since that time meant to gain a lot of knowledge and got a lot of support from the Spiezio and at this point in time my wife and I are -- carrying an event. Called pause for parkinson's and last two years is their third annual event. The last two years who is known as -- as her cause. And we -- that we changed the names so that we would allow people who target. The parkinson's. Right they know what it's all about are correct. We'll find a little bit more about that what is the data that's happening on July 3 -- thirteenth and we'll have a we'll talk a little bit more about that event coming up let's. For people who are listening who have certainly I don't think anyone hasn't heard of Parkinson's disease and certainly it gained notoriety a few years back room with Michael J. Fox coming out publicly that he was -- front who by the way has got a new TV show coming -- so it didn't -- -- the treatments wherever he's going -- seems to be helping him out this I think -- her parkinson's and they they may be no that it can cause some some shaking and extremities. But what is Parkinson's disease doctor. Well in Parkinson's disease is what we call these degenerative disorder. And you have that means that there are. -- particular cells in the brain that die. And toward not exactly sure why they're gonna do we can come back a little bit later what what -- produces the typical features are. There's a particular type of tremor in the term returns to occur. When their hands are resting in the laps or. They -- would somebody stadium in the hands should I need to either side so not everybody has that has Trevor has Parkinson's disease. But the other teachers. Are that it can cause any kind of stiffness in the muscle that oftentimes. The patient may not recognize -- position can pick up that there's this resistance movement. But the key feature with Parkinson's disease is really. Slowed since a loss of fallen -- dexterity. But. -- progression of the disease it can lead to problems with. Each problems with walking -- looked so content wanted to motor function of the body there are a lot of other symptoms that go with Parkinson's disease -- again. Maybe we'll bring -- -- a little bit later. Against such a disease we don't know exactly what causes -- attack and Brent futures are -- features. -- I'm I'm living the disease every day. And what I can tell you is that since 2002 when I first diagnosed. I had seen -- progression but -- Lawson -- dexterity Elofsson motor function. There are times that -- Living in my life in Billings some. Certain activities that -- whatever reason. Either the medication I'm taking where's or the psychological. Concept of yeah how -- doing. Jumped in and there are times and -- actually like Kris. And stop almost stopped altogether and it's like it's like turning up the light switch. I'll be doing something and all of a sudden -- -- -- and then I have to -- -- and -- sit down and wait for corny minister half an hour give them a chance to emphasize in the body and then I get some movement back again. Get those motor functions backup Brandon -- is incredible so how how common is the disease. It is the it is it's not a common is alzheimer's which is the most common your -- to ten in the world and our country. But the next misconduct. And -- what does that mean well the estimates for the United States is that -- are probably a million people that are affected and four of the northwest. It's for origin which isn't very heavily populated. It's still probably means that -- between four and 8000 people in the state with South Park consistency. Afsane -- is there seemed to maybe it does seem to be getting. More more exponentially or does it isn't a slow growth as first number of people or suggest that you think maybe more people are -- being diagnosed because there's more knowledge about it. Well -- a couple features there we don't know what is the prevalence of the disease audiences of the deceased. It's actually increase in the population. I think that some horror com. Better at diagnosing it now recognizing it earlier but the other thing is that this is a disease that. Tends to come on them when when people are. Are colder so the average age of diagnosis has about 62 things stand our population look obviously -- -- Who are open they're gonna be more more cases just those. Especially as an Israeli rumors are getting older. That's right exactly right. But Parkinson's disease. It is not so I don't see just to the elderly and Michael. So we do see it in younger people and if the average age of onset is 62 and that means gone after people are getting deceased. Earlier than did not so there are a lot of people are getting this in their forties and had fifteen and then can attest about. Yes certain and I can mention if you more people around the state of -- that are very recognizable names Brian grant. Export -- TrailBlazer speedy. End Dietrich I don't know if you know Ben -- Q. Well as they have professional baseball player -- -- Iraqis who -- dozens and then we got Bob to careless. Oregon state athletic director so I'm. There are few folks that are getting PD and have a little bit of celebrity status and we should be talking to them rather than me sets. Not like to go to die in the war local down. This -- Somebody -- yes absolutely absolutely so what causes the disease -- we didn't we know that yet. Well we don't know for sure and actually we talk about the Parkinson's disease is so it's one disease and -- will be that there are a number of ways that you can develop Parkinson's disease. It's just like talk about her failure. And she can get her killer by having heart attacks you can get a -- a -- infection in the hearts -- There -- a number of ways it may well be the Parkinson's disease. It's going to be. I have many different chuck causes -- finally lead into the final -- halfway through it and produce this syndrome that we know has Parkinson's disease occurred this sort of that. Big thing that's happened in the last ten years is that there are some -- some cases. There are common genetic into merchant and you can actually inherits the disease. And hands and those. And helped us narrow down. Two different pathways to seem to be very important to developing Parkinson's disease and one of those is that there's an accumulation of any protein called -- -- -- and in the brain. Which seems to be toxic -- it's over expressed from too much of it. And the other is that the part of the soul that produces energy that the so called mitochondria. Are enrolled in my country and our consistency consist of those -- students can major. Pathways leading to. The death. Themselves and basically the opening themselves from the burning. We mentioned that diagnosing it has become more prevalent and -- us noted that the disease is growing it's just. So we know enough more to diagnosis so how do you go about diagnosing PV. Well the diagnosis is still what we call it clinical diagnosis but that we need the history of the story that the patient tells about what has happened to him. And that's going to we can find it we're looking forward. This particular type of Trevor the restaurant we're looking for the energy in the muscles and so we're looking for. Sloan switched. Early in the disease often times for just one side of the body can be fairly subtle. So. -- pixel and college before you can be confident that diagnosis. But there're other ways to diagnose -- but aren't -- church frequently and one of those are there are. Sophisticated ways of image and condone can be in the -- in his lawsuit over the as your procedure Parkinson's disease. And there are ways that you could measure that loss of -- for the but generally it's not necessary to do go to clinical diagnosis is generally clear enough. -- The way that has diagnosed is that. None into the PC Owens and to see doctor or not and after not to. I took a look at median and hit some movement. I don't mind extremities in my arms and other things -- -- annual -- now I'm always. And turn around and come back and we had a hidden in the exam room and he told me that I am most likely have Parkinson's disease. It was a very quick diagnosis and. From that point not. I had an opportunity and noted that cannot talk about bringing imagery had an opportunity to go back to New Haven, Connecticut. In the institute of America Canada studies. And I actually had some brain imaging. Done which. Showed me that it is. He a year you're going night that he got to open mean producing. So are diminishing so. Sort through -- just a couple things yeah. And didn't. My performance certainly an hour or so wouldn't that. -- The second thing is this. His image she didn't. Always actually part of -- study that he was participating in our clinical studies so we -- -- source. Saying that that's an image in the doping in the brain. Public can be done clinically is traditionally -- research and I grant technique. Well good for you sir for taking part in that study amateur every minute that helps out. That's just one of -- -- in that part of its it's so one of the things that enjoy. About peace you know as a fact that they keep me informed. -- what clinical studies are available on conduct. I. And I hadn't had an opportunity to do quite appealing right now time in real media focusing on doing not. Studies in another exercise didn't see ya seeing up exercise impacts the disease. If you just joining us you're listening to match -- a series of interviews with people of interest in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington my guests today. Our doctor John not he is a Parkinson's disease specialist at the only chance you partisan center of pork and -- have. Dan baker who himself has Parkinson's disease. But I'm more importantly today is heading up with his wife in an event that's coming up called pause for parkinson's it's gonna happen on July 13. Down there on the waterfront -- the base of the UH -- -- tram just look up and follow it to the bottom. Registrations twenty bucks in bring your dogs you get T shirt you get -- trash bag here -- -- dispenser for your dogs mask. On the block a whole thing kicks off at 9 AM and end is is done by noon to -- fun events to go to with your family with dogs. All that and well it's -- little spot that Dan. Plug into a little -- it's it's grown significantly. And we're hoping that that we're gonna have between that. 4450. Participants. First year we had just -- a little over 200 last year we had -- over 300 or. Expecting a few more folks. We got cannot determine the dogs are. Doing this kind of keeps register yourself. And I know document probably as a team of fifteen and he's -- registers are going to be fantastic. So. Anyway we're gonna have a lot of fun what happens is we have games for the kids so. How we have contests where the dogs. You know dobbs lookalike contest so there's just what their masters and then we have a dog pie eating contest and so that it's really a lot of fun we also have some. Mascots available that like to come down we had. Blazed down there -- and bullwinkle you had timber -- we've had a well Brian grant he's the lazy gentlemen that. Give -- CNN green go go ahead for the start of the walk. And so anyway it's just a great. A great day to develop. Awareness about Parkinson's disease. And really sounds like our weather -- pick up here and in the summer. And so it should be a nice day out there as well. We -- -- yeah well you never announce organs from. But we'll hope we'll hope. So this is all of course going to help fund. The only just you Parkinson center of organ in general doctor I know that -- which is huge does all this amazing research for all these various diseases and what is the role for each issue. Parkinson's and -- Morgan in fighting Parkinson's disease in general. We have three missions one mission to reduce. It's really caring for patients here and we believe that should be -- team. There're. It's not simply handing out medications that are variety of issues to -- For -- mutation can Parkinson's disease and better team works better talent and we're trying to do the most expert. As world comprehensive care -- them in the northwest we also who are very involved in education and that's orchestration of the patients patients tournament. But also who positions Mercury and for people with Parkinson's disease. And so also researchers trying to get so people interest it can end. The problems of Parkinson's disease and working towards finding -- solutions for the first problems that. Confront some people with Parkinson's disease and the final thing is we've always had a very active research program and their research program includes. Test team you secure peace for Parkinson's disease and symptoms and we've been involved in a lot of studies looking at treatments that -- Slow the progression of the disease. We have many basic Holland so horrible that is is looking. Protein and mentioned earlier helped us in new equipment and how the body handled so I'm looking for ways that we could. -- -- -- And finally you. Access from Houston. Important. He's in our room and -- center. Because we do we do think -- exercise and it is something that really can bone up on the progression of the deceased. Right. Right now on the net ties back into the pause for parkinson's thinks he can don't have some exercise with your your family dogs and and help out. Now of course and as with a lot of the organizations involved with the which -- you. You know you guys are part of this this larger hole and there might be people out there think it likely part of this -- development why would you need our money but that's not quite -- works. Well let me let me speak to the time because I like has had both my wife and I air. Heavily invested in raising -- much money as we can and supported the peace deal. And why would we do that out you know we first started this. We had the same thought that you just mentioned -- that the fact that you know they've got plenty of money must they have and they must tell state sort. Like a shining city up there on the hill certainly there are lots of money. Well you know what to the type of money that supports departments and senator Dorgan. Is known as soft money. Which means it's not guaranteed from year to year because. What -- department and senator is grants and donations. Remains no funding from the university at all. So. This is why we are. Champions in this event. And hope there's many people. That are around them that in July 13 morning have an opportunity to come down and get involved -- us. And I would suggest that to find out information map calls from parkinson's -- there on July 13. Just said put in Basra parkinson's and to Google and you'll find the potential links to two very strict I would I would say -- the -- website their from the original agency website but it's very long and complicated truth -- Just Google+ for parkinson's you'll find it. You know 120 bucks register is going to be a great time. So where are we in the research overall doctor and we made any progress earlier you said there is do we don't know still whole lot of what causes it or really had to treat it. -- so certainly this treatment of Parkinson's disease has gotten better over the years -- the treatment it is. Treatment of the symptoms and it's not actually I want them affecting the disease process and convinced that's. But the real goal at this point. And call him. As you mentioned earlier we know seek to really common links that probably. -- together a lot of different causes of Turkish position. Community can give her some. People who get Parkinson's disease as it -- that it can. Disease that's very uncommon you know it's probably just a couple percent. There's some people who get it from being exposed to -- talks -- Most famous one laws. Here and a synthetic heroin that was being made huge illegal drug laps. That if they made -- think you've. The chemical one certain way it produced a side product they would. Instantaneously. Turn somebody into a very sincere. A case of Parkinson's disease. Perkins permanently. -- And some Beers. A link. Twist very suspect assurances as well. And and then there are a lot of people who get it for them. Have none of these things that happened but again there's sort of -- common pathways that we can lead to Parkinson's disease. -- Both of those -- clearly under contents research of historian and I think people are starting to see targets that may be we can do. We can manipulate you to slow the progression of the disease. So that's gonna happen. What's gonna happen next year or whether it's ten years down the -- or things really go poorly. 120 years -- -- but it's gonna happen. Such fantastic working -- -- -- so we are coming up you're on the end of our time but I wanted to cover -- -- the pause to parkinson's event is happening July 13 at 9 AM you meet down at the end of the basically UH -- -- -- And I suggest just grueling -- for parkinson's and find out all about it but when you -- -- sign up and register and you actually you get yourself a little all the webpage the thing you can now push out your -- them on FaceBook whatever social media you have -- and ask them to donate your team is that correct. That is correct yes absolutely -- is very simple so -- under another important ground is sure if you don't have to have a dog from. -- -- and have a pet cockroach field who has been helping raise money. The project sound. So wrong so dog does not require. Aren't sure. Yeah and end I'll I'll say this as someone who's supremely lazy you can just donate the money. It did not -- urgency and if you if you are somebody who can't make it down -- down on that date what is the best way to go about helping guys out. The best way to help us -- would be to go to the OH issue pardons and -- -- against. -- brain that comes. Slash PC you know. And donate to the peace deal -- right you can donate right there and there's another link that you can go to it's called first giving dot com slash PC you know. And there's an opportunity to donate try to narrow path. Fantastic well it's so amazing I mean everything you know I just use seems to be quite incredible all these different organizations coming together to really push. Medical research far into the future here. And fantastic work being done there at the Parkinson center of organs so please get on out there to -- for parkinson's with the have a dog or not. If you can't make it please go to the web sites and and donate some money again OH -- brain dot com. Slash PC EO they need your money they need your help then this then they get so much from grants and whatnot but they need even more and we need to when you get this he's taking care of because it's affecting far too many people. Well thank you both so much for coming on the show today. Hey you are welcome and for those of you who do not have a dog come on now and you can -- with Clifford the big red down. So. If -- thought that the and again there won't point out that he's bringing it to kids down there's all kinds of fun -- -- stuff to do with your cats. Customs -- kids it's gonna be a -- 9 AM it -- kicks off on Saturday July 13. Down there at the pace of the UH as you trim and on down they're just Google+ from parkinson's for more information. All right that'll do it for this edition of metro scope intercom communications public affairs program I've -- your host -- Douglas. If given nonprofit or public affairs organization you'd like to let others know that please email me at -- -- @entercom.com. And -- starts with an. And please put -- -- scope in the subject line so it doesn't get snagged by my spam filter. According go directly to the station's website click on the community link and submit your information there also be like to hear this -- again you can visit our podcast page of majesty of PX I com where you'll find this in the last couple months for the episodes and please feel free to post it to your FaceBook to MySpace your blog you Twitter your Google+ whatever you got. Let's try and get this important information out to his many people as possible well thank you again doctor not think you Dan. Thank you all so much for listening this is thin mattress don't.

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