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Nov 9, 2008|

Educational Opportunities for Children and Families Executive Director, Wendy Shuell, tells us about an upcoming benefit for this organization that strengthens children and familes through early learning and community partnerships.

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Just listening and -- -- -- series of interviews with the people of interest from northwestern Oregon and southwest Washington. I'm your host Caroline -- -- studies show that disadvantaged children. Have a greater chance of reaching self sufficiency. And that's the Vancouver Washington based program educational opportunities for children and family strikes. -- -- today is the organization's deputy executive director Wendy Sewell and she's here to tell us more. Or about EO Seattle. As well as their upcoming benefit we wanna thank you so much for joining us today I met Crisco Wendy. Okay thank you for inviting us. You -- tell us more about the educational opportunities for children and families who do you serve Heidi is serve them. -- to me educational options for children and families. Our target population are low income families. And how we target them actually look at our. We look very area look at her the demographics to do the extent that community assessment and we target those types those individuals. And we provide them with early learning and early intervention. Opportunities. And what that means is we have to program their -- its TARP program is our. Pregnant Dan -- -- three year old and then are -- five year old. That would be your head start with is how we talk a three to five year old French. It comfortable as I caught the full milk till we do intervention services between -- -- -- -- Before you know I screening. We make sure that their kids there we have to keep up parents be sure that they get immunizations. How we provide meals for the children disaster damage could -- man and they are. Come -- -- and that indeed -- in the classroom would provide. Built for the -- well we have nutrition plans for the children that they have to particularly diets that they need -- need to be working on. And in addition to that -- We provide parents -- support to connections to your education and we helped them. Try to find it to -- can look for employment. And we provide leadership roles for them until we have a governing board that includes a policy council parent policy council so we helped them. Strengthened their skills and leadership skills. Now when he do you do you do it. It did this all on your -- -- work with organizations to provide these services. Well we partner with organizations. We do receive federal and state funding. I ended with partner with local agencies we partner with school district so I -- like it has the disability than what we do is partner with teach. School district that's close to them like they -- further. Evergreen school distract. Any district that there they would be going to for example to -- loved living near or they're going to kindergarten the following year and we they go to the prefer them out to. The district and they can't give speeches services stings like that to. How do you determine who you're going to be working with do you do you seek them out or do people seek you out as a result. He -- this agreed to -- -- or afford the that the children. Okay to. What we do we get to the list round leader referrals from family is we do a lot of advertising all over the county -- -- Hercules looked at our -- accounting and internal -- county. -- that community advance in the we appetite was better position with that we have. Insofar as partners that part of our heads start early head start and I want to be sure that they include the -- eking out educational assistance her. -- put children at the state level in what we do this where where are mandated by -- performance stairs both state and federal. To. Partner with these sources in the community. And the chance doctors dentists. Three clinics. Things like that in addition to the school districts and also mental health professional. A health professionals better of me -- -- department something like that. So these these these little -- pretty much have built this these collaborations as we call them with our community. The last forty years within of this -- for over forty years so people know about and just. They know we offer and also they know went into -- indeed likely be up they used to be old welfare department this apart in different. Work first. They going head and they will connect up with us that they have a feeling needed and we are able to two deputy -- Serbs damaged as quickly as we can't. And we just over a thousand children we could serve up to 30000 children and the counties that we served that -- right now we are a thousand children and families. So that's got to be kind of a daunting task to be able to decide who you're going to serve and who we are not going -- -- We have a selection criteria. And for example the families homeless. Our family is into Foster care and they get top. They would get the highest selection -- so we look at those who else do they have to be. Low income we can take over income if there's a disability. So that would be another selection criteria. -- goes through. And do domestically and to decide almost based on the criteria we also have to wait lists so the child exit the program we can't hurry up and get another family in the air. And during these tough economic times I would think that that be really hard studio. We will we I think we do really good job of course we would love to expand our services. And provide more services to children and I -- -- constraint and that's our goal -- to strengthen families and our community. -- and pretty early learning process that we think that. That's where we can stop the cycle of poverty and and then children in families of two more economic success -- -- now I'm as a result I would think that you guys probably have people coming to you from. A diverse background. We do know we have. As you know if you may know that the Hispanic population and English as a second language. Groups -- Europe and as a pencil. The Asian. Country has increased in -- -- until we I've been fortunate to be able to serve those. -- from the different background and we have interpreter is we have. We tried to hire or build bilingual staff within our organization so we can be your concerns those people. They also have a lot of that he which really been an interesting movement for us to. Recruit parents to work in -- care policy council on different languages so -- will assure that -- representing. That those parents are -- all families from diverse background so that that's that a real success -- in addition to that we have a board. That's another part of our back governing peace. And see they have been more and more we're getting more in particular sport so we want our board and our policy council to be reflected. Deal geek community that we're profitably serve our children. You're listening to mantra scope -- speaking with when he Schultz with education opportunities for children and families it's a Vancouver based nonprofit. Designed to strengthen children and families still early learning and community partnership. They said earlier when you that you guys have been around for forty years as the mission in the same -- that forty years or has it changed. The mission initiative has been primarily the same and many years ago the war on it with the Johnson administration the war on poverty that's when. The head start act was developed created it was a summer program and then it developed a to a nine lets programmers some agencies have a year -- we do have got a couple of our sites that are are you around we have childcare as well -- starts. But in essentially is the mission the war on poverty he -- that's what we want to our goal is to do. Strengthen families for generational change. And if I might have might at our our mission statement that we just created I just recently. If drinking children and families surely learning child development education and community partnerships. It's essentially the same so we of course we can't do this along we're building more and more partnerships. And that would be to change just making. Our community aware that these children are needy families are in need and what all of this together to make get a better world for children and families. When he is educational opportunities for children and family is it is this kind of -- unique program in the United States. Well no it is and it's start. Is all over the nation. And we where non profit it can be. You can apply just to be -- our -- team which we are. The lead under the the umbrella of a nonprofit agencies and school districts are EST 112 things like that and educational service this districts. Also can provide their creative disciplines for head start -- all over the nation. Are you so much more than just provide services for head start. We -- we absolutely do we have our heads start early NASDAQ -- stated early learning program. Which is their 35 -- we also we have infant toddler early intervention program. In data into the program that he is. Four children better and -- from zero to three. And we've proved right we do intervention services or any income of child and so. -- that day -- our community can access stat and they can. Bring their child in protesting and can see where they're adding they're not developmentally that where they're at interventions can be done immediately and we partner with. -- Organizations in the community to help us serve those children and we serve about 300 children and that area. Also we have. We have our. Our hot shots program. And that program is scorer. Children. Five to twelve years old. And it. T there -- like sports park and like basketball things like that we have just added and I like to think about three years ago we added that contour mixed. -- -- organization and that is a wonderful partnership and Richard can't who's head of the hot shots program he is also extended. Discounts for low income families so they can be involved in sports so I think that this is essential. To. There's this big part of our mission to the extent that Tor -- -- gambling. Somebody help -- with hot shots use force in any deeper by the clothing do you provide get them on team they what what is your partnership involvement in that. Wiki but they do is the they do they get to the hot shots of service just around the more -- -- about it just cabaret tour and I'm just gonna put himself so afraid they're close to sixty dollars they with. Get you know 35 dollars for that set up now to Richard conducted that it and we collaborate with him on that. In addition he helps us and also our board helps is that there's going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know shoes and all kinds of equipment that they would need we tried out and try to look for ways that we can partner in helping kids that they can have a good experience. Toes up is on infant toddler early intervention program what is this all about. While Betty is in need a program. That. Really helped. I -- city teach children. -- you decree that may have developmentally delayed and doesn't bring unique enough out to -- the political BI tip program. If -- you don't have to have it any income the other head start early head start in our state program you need to be have a certain income level. Regarded by that's the poverty guidelines to federal poverty god guidelines. -- -- and -- I have to do this running and I guess it's a good day. On. It referrals insist the only cynics in this setting birth through it three treated. Circuitry. And it to within the department. That's -- comes from the department of social health conditions developmental disabilities. So that's where the funding at current come under the disabilities umbrella for adults and also there's. A part of he had four children. And we think this is in critical in our part because we would certainly love to serve more kids and this is a way weaken the -- All income kids are so we can collaborate with headstart to. And I mean early -- therapy department and military program opted reach collaborate with early head start and the I -- program. To be sure that those kids get the intervention they need. In terms of education correct. Correct but it also it helps the parents become educated about what their child is happy to -- -- to develop a little -- talking about. He a lot of different things of that nature. So is educational and I for the children out of for the parents as well. Yes it is. And we like to serve those children they're natural environmentally like two -- Go to the homes simply -- a lot of -- to assist in all of our programs or we go to their child care's. Centrist sir I -- for example we going to serve them right here in that. Environments and we can just see if there's ways that we can -- weekend. Coach and help and I prefer out children appropriately collect and natives. Eliciting a mattress got -- we're speaking with when he -- the educational opportunities for children and families program love Vancouver based nonprofit designed to strengthen children and families their early learning and community partnership. Now EO CF offers a wide range of services to low income children and families. Things like early childhood education which we just talked about also on some health mental health nutrition things like that -- a little bit more about that. How can you talk for example called speak about nutrition and video a child -- Inside has some sort of allergies to -- like peanuts and that's very popular now. But as we have a lot peanut. Peanut allergies so -- reduce setup the program in the center that they they are to plan that would customize what that child would meet. How -- that meet with the parents say. Do you work -- that at home and educate them that there's a lot of food. That has peanuts and it's so we you have to be reading those labels and be sure that that the child of -- and ingesting peanuts. And child needs glasses -- dental are. I need to get position we we really coached -- parents appetite for their children had to see where they expect them up with. With the local agencies and editing a text -- a little bit briefly about home visits. We have Stanley after it's that go to the homes and leave with the parents and they have chemicals they sit and labels. He also look at any. He's sort of plans that thereof educational plans -- you -- want to -- to be at a certain level are they need to working on. It also. They look at the nutrition health and mental health that's also what is apparent on -- -- -- this year. What does the parent want to achieve. In with their handling or put themselves if they get AGP. Something like that. That's a thing that I find interesting about this program is not only do you help the educational needs of children but it sounds like you also help. The educational needs for parents as well particularly if they're out of a job. Right and that's the thing that's really important to head start. Philosophy. Is that. But parents are their primary teachers -- other children. Can we honor that and respect that until we believe that that the greatest influence on the child is dead parents. So we support that that they that they advocates we don't take over -- threat -- world we actually. -- helped them understand that that's their role that's that's death is the job to do a parent if you well. This is what a parent compared tickets. Some of our parents not album from the parent one parent to do very well so it's kind of that's well wander learning with their own children. They really want to do what's best for their child so we just trying to match it's really build off of that. Now when did you a success story from your programs that Skadden sticks in your mind. We can't eat young woman to within our Long -- -- Rather shy did not complete high school. And didn't wasn't very outspoken. Well her husband and her he was on disability permanent disability and he. Keen to. They head start program and they began to work together. So as the day progressed they -- written a program for a couple of years. He encouraged her to join the -- policy council. And she joined apparent policy council she went to all the local speed and national. Let's start our we have sent our state funded program -- conferences. So over time she began. He's speaking out to see how she felt the volunteer more in the classroom. And you've worked hard with her family advocate and tie it to last year that she was there just before she finish and she got her GD. This this'll you could try it was very excited for her -- sent me an email with paragraph congratulation and her family -- yet. He now this woman works -- she's where -- music culture made we are so proud of her from this shy person. Do I'm empowered woman who wants to. Just go Altidore frank discussion really got turned on to early learning and how -- help for children -- helped her hand reached out and help turn. Since stepped out of her her her -- -- and moved into a leadership she was doing a report to. You could come back from these caucuses and stand up with a written report and see these reports. She can hardly uttered two words and now it's like so often I'd still fear because if you -- strap so it's very. Very exciting to see that growth and this has happened again and again he can't. Casino apparent that so good about themselves and going places they're gonna advocate for their children they are gonna do what's asked -- Plus interest in the use issue works for you because I know that educational opportunities for children families mean and they are nonprofit organization you employs 265. People in three counties. And operate on a ten million dollar annual budget for now where does all the money come from for this funding. Okay. We can get some of -- from the federal we apply for a historic grand each year. And then we'll also get state funding. Most of our furthering its Sunday is to receive from the federal government the opposite. And that's starting used to be -- -- -- you're not called the opposite has to start. And we apply to those grants. In each year. We do have a full blown. Grant every three years and we just do a continuation grant every year pointing at start early head start -- apply for the state funded grant. -- -- by any of every two years. We have been -- funding from I had to start and also from the I -- program. Is -- fear that may be some of these budgets might be cut back given the tough economic times over and right now. Well there is -- a lot of does that work for EO CFO we just really to have a positive attitude is you and we have gone through different ways of administration. You know different. They didn't have priorities each president to come to do you have different priorities so we just kind of right away without. And I -- a -- is we don't keep movement we'll keep fighting these -- is gonna do that so that's kind of bar. If you work for this nonprofit you've used up which curtailing. And I would think to that you probably take donations as well to operate. Absolutely we take donations that we he's the last two or three years we've been kind of stepped that up and look at non restricted which we call non federal on -- -- And we can put anywhere that we needed to our organization. Until we are -- effective benefit that's coming up the conference it's gonna be holiday magic. On November 14 which is the Friday night from -- fixed and and it. And that this is centered your brain that we've done that and we are in the disincentive to increasing our. Our partnerships and this one way we can do -- and also we have fund raising activities that. Dad -- we'll help make our program grow. We'll tell us a little bit more about this benefit this coming up when where time. OK okay it's going to be. November 14 that's a Friday night. Any -- ethnic Indian Vancouver Washington red -- Down here at Columbia. It'll be from six to -- and he'll be a Friday night there's going to be a silent on -- auction. There's going to be built tree if and when I need that is we are going to. Have people. Purchased meals for families we have. They have 58 mills were gonna auction off and then we're going to give it to meals per classroom they have -- when he classrooms. That we -- we are trying to get -- Turkey at least two families in each classroom. In addition to that we have. It took a project that we're asking folks that we have covertly area that we want to have built over an -- battleground senator. It it we have to get a partnership for people that have extract materials to expertise project management -- -- just would like to. Donate towards actually to get a cut could play area one that the data we want to do it had started to really work hard on. Because he's -- child obesity and that is summarized in the nation not only at all but for children and part of that is to get them outside everyday. Do exercises and classes and it -- exercises just -- that we don't have thank you vigorous. Fitness program here our goal assist to typically is moving in and get the teachers look at with the total -- -- -- I joined themselves. Confessed to benefit is is going to be an exciting time it's a wonderful time the last three years the last two years we've had it they got a great turnout. We are looking forward to this as just -- her name -- out there and -- protect nations. And how much do you hope to raise as a result welcome trade -- carried out and and come -- you -- last year we raised over twenty. All right so your upping the ante this year. We are the activist created we have -- I think what they do and so we are. Get out try to make it happen -- so it's going to be like into the scene is gonna be holiday magic and we have not. Great auctioneers integrate. The person that's gonna be hosting it and it's just going to be a lot of time. Or some of the exciting items that are going to be a fraction. Well. Thank you got me a lot turn your head that we were just put those together there's going to be if you vacations want to -- it is going to be -- hotel. Hotels like four night stay hotel anywhere in the United States. My goodness. Answer dinner isn't. Yet there's gonna be dinners there's going to be beach trip just gonna these -- boat trip is going to be airplane and I one of the things I think it's really cool as a model teach. Car will take you to. The patent. Let's see double double faults. And Rabin and they'll have lunch there I think that'll be really hot. That's a lot of and then we have other little items like this basket -- people might -- -- on that RE. Grave from wind baskets to. It now. It's also ask it stings like -- I am not. Well when he has some would like more information on it and we've talked about today we're gonna go. They can go to our web site adds that he enthusiasts. WA would -- or kept. Okay we wanna thank you so much for joining us today and that's just -- Wendy. All right thank you so much you -- that's when he stool with educational opportunities for children and families a Vancouver based nonprofit. Designed to strengthen children and families. Early learning and -- Mattress down an antenna -- communications public affairs program -- -- your host Joel and Richard if you have a nonprofit that compares event that you like to let others know. Entercom.com. Or go to this station's website click on the community paint and submit your information you know listening to metro --

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